How would you like to solve your garden woes in just three days?

Create YOUR Private
Outdoor Room, Courtyard Garden or Garden Retreat &
Live a Life you LOVE

I'm Mary Palmer Dargan, landscape architect & author of 3 best selling
landscape design books. I'm here to invite you to join me in beautiful,
Charleston, SC on February 25-27, 2013

Join us for 'behind the scenes' garden study & informative workshops!
We will throw open the garden gates to some beautiful
& very private sanctuaries.

There are a lot of reasons why you don't want to miss this event!

You are in the right place if:
  • You have spots on your property that never seem to work
  • You love the idea of having friends over for a fun, casual meal, but don't have a convenient place outside to entertain
  • You want an outdoor room or courtyard that acts like a room in your house
I know after a hard day, or week,
I love to be outside and decompress in nature...
Just to simply feel human again, but I need a place
to sit, like by a small fountain, just to lose myself in the sound

Maybe your property is too windy, too sunny or you have neighbors
a wee bit too close? Together we can solve those problems and more!

Would you like to create your own private courtyard, outdoor room or
garden retreat, but lack the confidence of where to begin?

It's not your fault you haven't been able to do this on your own. It's not easy to figure out a plan, even if you faithfully watch HGTV or have a stack a books and magazines. Having a mentor to walk you through this and hold your hand is crucial -- plus it can save you THOUSANDS of hours (not to mention THOUSANDS of dollars if you make a mistake in your plan).

For over 30 years I've been designing beautiful sanctuaries for my clients. Now it is time for you to have one too!

When I began to work with homeowners, I saw that they didn't have to be artists, or designers to recognize and cure their landscape problems-
You can transform just about any part of your property but it really helps to have an experienced mentor with proven, sound advice (especially advice they are willing to share!).

If you want an investment that pays you back when you sell your house, a well-designed outdoor room will do the trick...and will help you sell your home faster.

Why did I choose late February to hold this course?

We all dream of springtime, and whether or not you are a gardener, you know this is the right time of the year to plan your outdoor projects. It’s the perfect time to start visualize the enormous potential of your property. I chose Charleston to hold this event because it is easy to study garden rooms here!

In the late winter, flowers are just beginning to blooming, and you can see garden structure...
  • The bones of brick and boxwood,
  • Walls and terraces,
  • Fountains
  • Clever parking places and
  • Camouflage for functional things like trash cans.
You may not know that my partner in Landscaping Architecture, Hugh Dargan and I were married in Charleston almost 30 years ago.

We designed the gardens you will visit. So, it's an unbelievable opportunity to have a behind the scenes look at these award-winning, timeless garden spaces... and learn what makes them tick while in the company of their designers.

We look forward to having you with us at the event on February 25-27.

What do I get from this course?
In 3 days you're going to walk away with a full plan of your brand new outdoor space or room that you can immediately start creating it and have it ready for you to enjoy by this summer!

"What you will learn in just 3 Amazing Days?"
Day 1: Discover
  • Learn elements of outdoor room, courtyard & retreat garden design for the next 3 days.
  • Your property is as unique as a how unique! Today we uncover POTENTIALS by using the PLACE system.
  • Creative workshops each day with hands-on Landscape Design Training…But you DO NOT NEED TO DRAW A THING! Registrants will receive an optional list of supplies such as a scale, graph paper and other useful tools.
  • Come at any level of expertise and we will accommodate you! Bring your plat or survey and get personal attention to help you see the forest for the trees.
  • Your photographs are GOLD, pack small prints to share with us...
  • Want to sketch improvements? Bring (2-3) letter sized color copies of special problem areas so we can sketch solutions.
  • How to get clear with your program of improvements
  • Up-level your property by breaking its genetic code: The 4 part Master Plan and YOUR home environment : Spaghetti Noodle Plan
  • What kind of creative place do you resonate with: Yin or Yang?
  • Enjoy and Study the workbook site plans for gardens we are visiting tomorrow
PlaceMakers Gala with new friends

Day 2: Envision
  • Charleston GardenStudy walking tour to private courtyards the first half of the day!
  • Measure, photograph, sketch and internalize their bones
  • Learn first-hand FROM THE DESIGNERS what makes them tick!
  • Learn about LAYERS “ The Raw, Built and the Living” so you can be confident in your future plans
  • Design tips on landscape sustainability and the web of life
  • How to cope with climate change reality
  • Get Step-by-Step help with your AGENDA: The 8 key components to a healthy, happy more inspired life!
  • How to have your property tell its story
  • Learn about PlaceMakers and keep taking your garden to school!
  • How to be creative, and budget conscious
PlaceMakers Dinner with Garden Makeovers could be YOUR Garden!

Day 3: Create
  • Learn how to mastermind your problem places with creative artisans with your plans
  • Exactly what do they need to help you achieve your goals?
  • Tap into the confidence of knowing your needs will be met because you now have a SYSTEM
  • Design in long-term resale value as you Create YOUR Private Outdoor Room, Courtyard Garden and Garden Retreat to Live a Life you LOVE
  • Revisit the gardens we studied in slides for a lively review of the 3 days!
“When is it?”

Sunday, Feb 24 join us with an optional meet-and-greet 5-6 pm

Monday, February 25 , 8:30 am – 5:00 pm workshops when the PlaceMakers GALA begins!, Then dinner on your own to explore Charleston’s fine culinary treats.

Tuesday February 26, 8:30 am Garden Field Studies, then workshops, dinner with garden make-overs till 9:00pm

Wednesday, February 27, 9 am - noon

I enrolled in Mary Palmer Dargan’s course this summer and was amazed at how much guidance I received from the webinars, the study materials and exercises, in the forum and on Pinterest. I shared images of my terrace, asked questions and now have a fantastic outdoor room with arbor that suits all my family’s needs by the fall! Thank you!
~Anne Brewer
"...utterly transformed the property to become the dream garden we'd envisioned."
I contacted Mary Palmer before our daughter’s wedding to make the backyard more functional and beautiful for family and friends. We also added a screen porch with a fireplace and a large dining and seating area to our home of 22 years. I chose Mary Palmer because she listened to our needs and utterly transformed the property to become the dream garden we'd envisioned.
We needed to update our home with a new family room and wanted to connect it with the garden, which was 13' below the main level. The Dargans came up with a seamless solution to blend the two levels and make the garden as comfortable and as welcoming as the main house. Our children love bringing their friends over to enjoy the garden and we've had some fabulous parties in our new outdoor rooms! Everything exceeded my expectations for how our property could function.
~Hunter Holiday

“What is VIP dining?”
Included with VIP dining are 3 luncheons (M-T-W) PLUS...A GALA on Monday night offers our complementary, signature PlaceMakers Appletini at a Garden Party at a spectacular private Charleston Garden ( weather dependent) AND a Special Dinner and Garden Makeover Sessions on Tuesday night.

***If you want the VIP experience, please choose it now because we need to let the caterers know exactly how many people to expect. We won’t be able to upgrade you at the event if you decide you want the lunches, gala or dinner when you arrive.

Because we pay this fee directly (we’re giving you the direct cost for meals), this option is non-refundable

And We Have These Exciting Bonuses To Share!

BONUS 1: Bring a Friend!
Hugh and I want so much for you to have an improved quality of life and the Utopia of your dreams that we've added a bonus. You can bring a friend for just $197!

Yes, you heard that right. A friend, partner or spouse may join us and learn the
secrets of courtyard and outdoor room design.

BONUS 2: Garden Makeovers!
Would you love a receive a garden makeover?

Three lucky souls will have the chance to see their garden morph into a beautiful seamless garden room in front of their eyes from the stage.

You don't want to miss this chance, so be the first to apply for this amazing opportunity.

***Once you register, you will receive exact details with the event location and meeting times, etc.

Mary Palmer's Peace of Mind Guarantee
I promise to deliver high quality content and training support. I'm confident you will get HUGE value.

However, if you invest in this program and decide it is not for you, then you may request a full refund up until February 26, 2012 at 9am E.S.T.

Unleash the Power Hidden in Your Landscape to enjoy a healthy, happy & inspired life!

Mary Palmer, I’m ready to Register for the event

Plus these amazing bonuses:
  • 3 exciting garden makeover opportunities
  • An opportunity to bring a friend for just $197
And you know you are protected by Mary Palmer's "Peace of Mind Guarantee" Guarantee.

Please choose which package best suits your goals:

3 Day Registration

3 Day Registration
PLUS VIP Upgrade

(Non-refundable, includes reservation fee)

Rest easy – your order will be processed on secure servers.
You will receive an electronic receipt within a few minutes.

Accommodation information will be sent upon receiving your reservation.

The Mills House Charleston, SC is our host hotel, with wonderful food, the perfect location in the heart of the historic district and within easy walking distance of our garden studies in beautiful, private courtyards.

Space is limited at the Historic Mills House Hotel in Charleston, so please reserve your seat right away. We can’t guarantee your spot until you do! THIS EVENT WILL SELL OUT. We will only admit people to the event who have pre-registered here.

Our Charleston gardens are featured in

Historic Gardens of Charleston by Jim Cothran
Secret Gardens of Charleston by Louisa Pringle Cameron
Timeless Landscape Design by Hugh and Mary Palmer Dargan


Hugh and I look forward to hosting you in Charleston!

I look forward to seeing you in Charleston, South Carolina home of the most beautiful gardens in the world.

Landscape Your Life,

Ready to reserve your spot? Or do you still have a few questions?

"Am I ready for this? What if I don't know how to draw?"
The PLACE Blueprint System is introduced at this EVENT. We do not expect you to do any drawing unless you wish to do a spaghetti noodle plan (just wait till you see this!). The event is designed to help you see the forest for the trees on your property, so you will know how to oversee or begin the process.

**** Your desire and commitment to learn about unleashing the potential power hidden in your property is all you need to bring to the EVENT ****

"What if I'm too busy?"
You can take the SPROUT PlaceMakers course in the luxury of your home...but you will miss the BIG EVENT! I love teaching "Introduction to PLACE" in a 3-day EVENT because it's the most efficient way to get you started on your landscape design. Plus we have a lot of fun together!

"I can figure this out on my own."
Haven't you already tried that??? I really don't want you to have to go through the mistakes and expenses I see at my client's homes. Many PlaceMakers join my program after years of trying to improve their properties. They discover their blind spots and start seeing 20:20.

It's time to step up and Create a lifelong landscape design that holds its investment ... and provides enjoyment for you and your family for the rest of your life.

This is the first step...