Do you want your garden to be an oasis and don’t know how to begin?

Welcome to Landscape Your Life !

I love my garden. Every season there is something new to marvel at, delight in, and help be me healthy.

But what if I’m blindly doing something uninformed… hmmm, like letting my lawn service run my garden without good direction. Do they really know what they are doing? Maybe I’m too busy or am unfamiliar with best practices?

How DO I create an oasis of health and longevity?

A beautiful pool with a beautiful focal point and small footprint brings joy in every season.

This small pool with a beautiful focal point brings joy in every season.

Yes Mary Palmer! Please keep me in touch with free worksheets and videos!


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Worksheets, free webinars and my ezine cover topics like:

  • the leaf pile
  • compost tea making
  • best practices for home base sustainable design
  • use of heirloom vegetables instead of GMO
  • how to identify if you have mold in your home (we did!)
  • the outdoor kitchen
  • the benefits of native plants in your garden
  • fun new cultivars
  • water harvesting
  • erosion control and tree protection
  • pruning your shrubs and trees
  • alternative pest controls and integrated pest management
  • my favorite landscape design books
  • classes in landscape design, including a new certificate
  • how to design an oasis of health and longevity

…or whatever I want to rant about and share!

Yes Mary Palmer! I’d love to know how to make my home base be the best it can be!


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I look forward to sharing tips with you soon,

Landscape Your Life,

Mary Palmer

P.S. We welcome you and will share free worksheets, videos and event invitations.

P.P.S: Our new garden at Dovecote is designed for health & longevity. We moved and built it in mid-May. The backyard pictured below is a mere 10 days old ; the fountain above was built by June. I truly relished peace in the garden while the house was STILL under renovation! Cheers, MP